Elinore Pruitt Stewart

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Any woman who can stand her own company, can see the beauty of the sunset, loves growing things, and is willing to put in as much time at careful labor as she does over the washtub, will certainly succeed; will have independence, plenty to eat all the time, and a home of her own in the end.

Welcome to our website devoted to informing and updating fans of Elinore Pruitt Stewart, author of "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" and "Letters on an Elk Hunt".  In addition to being an author, Elinore was a devoted mother, wife and homesteader.  She also continues to serve as inspiration and a role model for women who have the belief that once they set their mind to achieving a goal, anything is possible. 

Currently, the Stewart Homestead, which is located in Burnt Fork, Wyoming, is in a state of disrepair.  Please consider a donation to assist in conservation efforts already underway by Elinore's family and the Sweetwater County Museum.  To learn more about the ranch, donations or about Elinore, please email Michelle@Elinorestewart.com.

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